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Hydraulic Rubber Hose & Fitting
Hydraulic Rubber Hose & Fitting
Hydraulic Rubber Hose & Fitting
Hydraulic Rubber Hose & Fitting
Hydraulic Rubber Hose & Fitting
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Variable Displacement Pump
Fixed Displacement Pump/Motor
Variable Displacement Pump
Variable Displacement Motor
Variable Displacement Pump

Tmc-machinery which was established in 1987 (subordinate to CMEC Group), is the largest manufacturer producing various ground engaging tools like teeth & adapters, cutting edges, unde- carriage & components, filter: roller chain, sprocket,in Suzhou city. As a leading state-owned company in China , all of our pro- ducts are made from high quality material with quality assurance system of ISO9001:2000.

Tmc-machinery is located 90km to Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 140km to Shanghai Pudong International Airport . Now our factory has more than 500 employees and 48 technical staffs and occupied 22,000 sq- uare metres. We have over 400 sets of different kinds of metal machining tools, among which 150 sets are CNC equipment. We are specialized in manufacturing ground engaging tools & power transmission parts.

Our annual output reaches 800,000 ,000 pcs, sales amount reaches USD 80 million. Our products are mainly exported to Japan , Singapore , Italy , Germany ,Poland, France , UK , USA and Canada , India, Pakistan, Turkey, Syria, Sri Lanka, UAE etc. TMC has established good business relationship with more than 70 countries and areas. Now our factory has been one of the most established suppliers of all transmission parts in China. 



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